Biggest Project Yet!

I’m in the midst of completing a massive recording for a Kids Learning Program. 53,000 words. Stamina isn’t the half of it! Reading upward of 500 words at a time without making a mistake is a skill I have now mastered.

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Children’s learning

I’ve recently started working on a series of recordings for an Australian English version of a learning app for kids called “Tap The Cat.” I feel like a kid all over again! c a t cat.
Also very excited to be doing a little show for Melbourne Fringe at Revolt in Kensington. “Othello […]

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Day in the life….

Get Lilah off to daycare and back home to do two quick VO’s. One is just a couple of words changed in a script I’ve already done for a dispute resolution company and the other is an ad for a Rhonda Burchmore gig in Darwin. Arrange to do a 1pm phone hook up […]

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