Biggest Project Yet!

I’m in the midst of completing a massive recording for a Kids Learning Program. 53,000 words. Stamina isn’t the half of it! Reading upward of 500 words at a time without making a mistake is a skill I have now mastered.

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Children’s learning

I’ve recently started working on a series of recordings for an Australian English version of a learning app for kids called “Tap The Cat.” I feel like a kid all over again! c a t cat.
Also very excited to be doing a little show for Melbourne Fringe at Revolt in Kensington. “Othello – Death Poll” treading the boards after a while away. Hoping I won’t get splinters in my toes.

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Day in the life….

Get Lilah off to daycare and back home to do two quick VO’s. One is just a couple of words changed in a script I’ve already done for a dispute resolution company and the other is an ad for a Rhonda Burchmore gig in Darwin. Arrange to do a 1pm phone hook up with a studio and client. Have only had a few mouthfuls of fruit and coffee so,I grab an apple to eat in the car before going to Bang Bang studios at 11 to do a couple of radio spots. Hope that staves off any tummy noises in the booth. Note to self to refrain from taking studio chocolates after gig (some of my pants are feeling a bit snug). Working with Tristan and client, Jess today at Bang Bang. Get a free matchbox car when you buy the Herald Sun this Saturday. Happy without being hard sell. Everyone happy and out by 11.30. Home to eat some real food and get another couple of quick radio jobs out. Fresh produce ad and a pizza and pasta restaurant. Set up new session for Bias in the workplace script. Phone hook up and client listens in to first couple of minutes until we get tone and pace right then left to my own devices to finish the 15 minute recording. Who knew the crazy ways bias can infiltrate the workplace unconsciously. Did you know that on average people who are taller get paid more that we short arses and that sportspeople wearing red get favoured by umpires over sportpeople wearing blue?! The trivia that lives in my brain from VO scripts is boggling. All good and finished by 2.30. I found a great youtube link to some awesome VO tips from a very talented and electric lady, Nancy Wolfson. Leave pronouns alone.
She’s got loads of other coaching tips. Very dynamic woman.

ahh…day not quite finished. one more radio spot for furniture. Now I think I’m done.

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